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Michaela Jerabek or better known as Kaela, is a self-taught artist and entrepreneur with an innate connection to the natural world. She is drawn to the process of making things by hand and balancing human needs

with ecological sustainability. Kaela grew up in a small town near mavericks,

north of the Santa Cruz mountains, where she spent her childhood exploring the outdoors and

building life long friendships with makers across the bay area.


Kaela was inspired by handmade traditions and skills such as herbalism, homesteading, community gardening programs and the natural flow of living by the wheel of the year.

Her environmental awareness developed while she spent time with her family and friends

in a small fishing and farming town of half moon bay on the California coast. 


Through a vast forest of redwood trees, over poppy-covered hills that linger among a winding highway that

skims the California coast up through vistas of forests, wild rocky beaches, and snow capped mountains of Oregon is the inspiration for Hedgemade Goods Co. was created by Kaela as a creative outlet

and has become a proud small business now based out of Portland, OR. 

Now with the support of her family, friends, and hedgecrew community online, hedgemade goods co.

is transforming everyday as to provide more unconditional love and

handcrafted products to as many people as possible!  


why hedgemade?

Hedgemade Goods Co. is a company that produces unique and magical products with only the finest ingredients crafted with love, intention and kindness by myself owner/maker Michaela 'Kaela' Jerabek in Portland, OR. 


I am dedicated to bringing the very best in handmade body products, candles, knitted and crocheted fiber wears, hand tooled jewelry, pendulums and original artworks. One item I take great love in creating is my Nomadic Hair Falls used to lengthen and decorate your hair for renaissance faires, conventions, LARPing, cosplays, and ritual wear while consulting with BIPOC creative partners in staying original and sensitive to other similar cultural hair accessories.

I believe in using only the highest quality materials in my products.  I am constantly striving to handmake ethically sourced and sustainably crafted products as much as possible while still providing creative and affordable products for all.

Each piece is infused with a bit of magic with intention, blessings, planning and time making them truly one-of-a-kind. At its core we are inspired by handcrafted traditions.

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