20 - 24 tabs per container depending on shape (Hexigon or Circle tabs but either incorporates same amount of product), please message to order custom amounts. Bulk Orders are the equivilent of 12-13 single sizes and will take 7-10 Business days prior to shipping due to being made to order. Tabs come in hexigon and circle tabs. If there is a preference please note in order since this is at random for a magical surprise!


These handcrafted aromatherapy bath & shower tabs produce the most refreshing fragrance to awaken your senses and quickly melts away stress. These can be used at the foot of your shower or you can throw one in the tub to create a truly relaxing spa like experience. Gathered through US based small businesses specializing in organic, non-GMO resources geared towards a more sustainable product for you. Even the container is reusable!



  • Rose River - Russian River Rose Water, rose essential oil, organic rose cuttings, baking soda, epsom salt
  • Merrymint - Peppermint essential oil, calendula cuttings, baking soda, epsom salt
  • Citrus Dreams -  Orange Sweet essential oil, blue cornflower cuttings, baking soda, epsom salt
  • Rise & Shine - Lemon Grass essentials oil, organice lemongrass cuttings, baking soda, epsom salt
  • Grounded - Peppermint and rosemary essential oils, organic lavender cuttings, baking soda, epsom salt
  • Me time - rosemary, lavender and sage essential oils, organic chamomile  cuttings, baking soda, epsom salt

Herbal Bath & Shower Tabs

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  • Keep in a air tight container closed to avoid spoliing from moisture in your bathroom.

    Please read ALL ingredients to avoid using product with potential allergies. It is the responsibility of the customer to do this research.

    Leave the bath immediately if you feel faint, dizzy, or ill. Milk baths are not safe for everyone. Avoid them if you have sensitive skin. If you are pregnant, check with your doctor before trying a milk bath. These mixes are NOT herbal tea and should NEVER be consumed under any circumstances.

    Please keep use for adults and for children with caution since some herbal ingredients may be too much for younger skin. Please read all ingredients for any allergens and make sure to use properly.

    Hedgemade Goods are not responsible for the misuse of our products.