The Hedgemade Healing Salve is for those achy days when the elements are causing all types of annoyances like soreness, inflammation and distress. Use a little here and there to sooth down the exhaustion and calm the nerves this winter. Take in the lusious soft scents and even give your cuticles a little hydration! Comes in a 1 oz tin with a screw on top making it perfect for besides your bed or with you on your daily journeys.


A little bit goes a very long way! 


Healing Salve w/ Lavender


With the combined benefits of Calendula and Yarrow infused oils and the gebtel scents of sage, lavender, and rosemary essential oils within inBees wax and Coco butter, you will have this winter saving salve.


Ingredients: Organic Calendula infused oil, Organic Yarrow infused oil, Olive oil, Organic Raw Coco butter, Natural Beeswax, Organic Essential oils: Lavender, Rosemary and Sage. Note to check all the ingredients first before purchasing to make sure that nothing in the ingredient list is something that you may have allergies or sensitivity to. Please keep out of reach of children and pets.


More blends coming soon!



Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Salvation
$12.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Please keep closed tight and in a relatively cool area. These products will melt under temperatures over 75 degrees or higher due to their ingredient content. This goes for storing in temperatures under 40 degrees and below, which may make the product hard to use or be frozen. Make sure not to share items with other people for hygienic reasons and these products are for external use ONLY.

    Hedgemade Goods will not be responsible for misuse of our product or allergic reactions. It is the customers priority to research all ingredients to avoid allergic reactions.