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Love Myself a Cup of Ol'Witches Brew!

Now in all honesty I LOVE coffee, but that only can get you so far and I need to change it over to my personal favorite brew blends. I can’t really remember the moment when I knew I loved tea. Yet, I do know that even as a child I was drinking all types of strong brews with maybe a bit of honey and a dash of cream. Yes...I am that person!. I enjoy the hot liquid of comfort and the best book buddy out there. Even now, many years later, I am still delighting in the excitement of new discovered brews. Just thinking about a warm cup of honey-sweetened tea makes me smile. There’s just something so soothing and cozy about a nice, hot cup of tea.

What’s up with this brew?

Why do so many people drink it? First, it can taste delicious; secondly, there are many benefits to drinking a cup or two of tea regularly. Some of the benefits include:

  • Tea can help you increase your fluid intake

  • Tea time can be a very relaxing experience

  • Tea is high in antioxidants and other wellness-promoting constituents

  • Tea may be beneficial for specific health issues (When I can’t sleep, pass the chamomile!)

And that is just the start of the list!

There are many reasons to drink tea on a regular basis. However, while there may be wellness benefits linked to consuming tea, the fact remains that enjoying a cup of your personal brew can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the day.

Black Tea is one of the most popular types of tea in America. While it contains less caffeine than a cup of coffee, black tea does contain caffeine, although the specific caffeine content can vary greatly among black teas. During the production of black tea, the tea leaves are rolled to trigger oxidation which is what gives black tea its dark color and intense, rich flavor. Once oxidized, the leaves are then dried and sifted.

Black tea is believed to have many wellness benefits. In addition to being high in tannins, black tea is very rich in antioxidants. In fact, due to the action of antioxidants in black tea, studies have found that regular consumption may help reduce the chances of onset of cardiovascular disorders, may support improved blood pressure, and may help neutralize the effects of free radicals.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy black tea is by combining it with rose petals. There’s something about the delicate aroma and taste of roses mixed with the rich flavor of the black tea that is just so satisfying. When combined with milk and honey, it’s an absolutely delightful way to drink a cup of black tea.

“Water is the mother of tea, a teapot its father, and fire the teacher."
- Chinese Proverb -

Green Tea has grown exponentially over the last several years with more people realizing the many wellness benefits that it provides. Green tea is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids as well as other properties such as anti-inflammatory properties that support cardiovascular and mouth health. It contains catechins, including epigallocatechin gallate, which have potent antioxidant actions and can be beneficial when dealing with health conditions such as viruses, diabetes, obesity, and many other issues. Additionally, green tea contains caffeine, although the amount varies.

The flavor of green tea varies from that of black tea, being “greener” in taste and less intense. When processing green tea, the leaves are plucked and heated to prevent oxidation, and then rolled, dried, and sifted.

Herbal Teas cannot be overlooked! As herbalists, we’ve come to know the herbs we work with intimately, and many herbs make amazing-tasting, nutrient-rich teas. There’s no denying that herbs contain numerous wellness benefits. I tend to choose my brew based on what’s ailing me, such as peppermint tea for digestive issues, or lavender and chamomile tea for nervous system support when I am feeling anxious. It’s important though to remember that herbs can also be consumed as a tea simply for the enjoyment of it.

One of my favorite herbal teas happens to be my Witches Brew. An all-natural blend of herbs combines flowers, fruits, and leaves to achieve a balanced tonic for health and happiness! Rich in iron, this profusion of ingredients includes raspberry leaf, vitex, nettles, linden flower, and cinnamon. With fruity and floral notes of luscious lemon and radiant rose, the final lingering sweet note is stevia, one of nature's sweetest plants! Drinking deeply from this magical brew warms me to the core so I can work my intention on even more goods to share!

So HedgeCrew...

What is your favorite brews and what do you love to pare them with?

A good book?


- Kaela

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