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2020 Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Gift-givers like us love giving thoughtful things designed for each person. This goes for any time of the year and doesn't have to be just holidays, yet during the holiday season it can be difficult to think of what would be best. It can be helpful to stock up on a few stocking stuffers or add-ons for the last-minute recipients on your good list.

I took the time to test and vet some of the best products I could find from west coast vendors who are working to make their practices sustainable. I try to avoid plastic and other unnecessary packaging and as with all Hedgemade products, I look for natural and organic. I'm sharing this with you because I want your season to be as safe and stress-free as it can be without sacrificing quality or compromising integrity. These are not paid advertiser affiliate links, just personal recommendation. I am just spreading the joy of fantastic handcrafted products from me to you!

Yule & Holiday Gift Ideas

For your friends who missed Renaissance Faire and conventions this year, get them a handmade set of hairfalls to get in the spirit for their zoom meetups! In the coldest winter in years, a beanie is a one-size-fits-all gift that never misses the mark. At the end of a long year of incessant hand-washing, every elf needs some hand salve on their shelf. There's so many good ideas for the holidays and into 2021, let's get to it!

  • Handcrafted Pottery & Knives by Schulps Pottery Co.

  • Deliciously Blended Teas for any reason by Spice Traders. Every year at Ren Faire this is always a stop for me to stock up on more teas. Even during this time they are available to ship too!

  • Sending something Savory or Sweet then you MUST go to Celtic Teat Shoppe, Home of Candies Artisans. They ship and they definitely deliver the mouth watering goods.

  • The Ultimate Pants - Unisex Bloomers by Tickle Thy Fantasy. These have their own cult following of all types of people looking for something comfortable and great for anything. Weather it be at Ren Faire, cosplaying, shopping, sleeping, working from home or chilling on a weekend, these are your bottoms. Though, I recommend EVERYTHING here, not just the Bloomers and yes...I wear Tickle everyday!

  • Kids Favorite Bath Time Treat - Bath & Shower Melts by Hedgemade Goods. Receiving emails and messages about children being in love with a natural product, warms my heart every time! They look great for an adult gift, but kids are in love with them!

  • Get Fiber Art, Crocheting or Knitting supplies by Fengari. The people here are amazing and very well versed in al things fiber and I am still a loyal customer of Fengari for well over most of my life. Love them!

What are some of your favorite local treats from small businesses and makers?

- Kaela

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