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Gramercy: In other words...Thank You!

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Research | Small Handcrafted Businesses




Portland, OR

As we move through autumn and this season of gratitude and connection our thoughts go out to each person in the HedgeCrew family who have joined us in our journey, and taken Hedgemade Goods along for yours. This season we’ve added new products to the shop including our Moisturizing Soap Bars and New Poof Beanies! Both these products reflect our ongoing commitment to learning and supplying the finest herbal and fiber art pieces. Not sure what to get for someone that would love our products? Our Gift Certificates are now available.

It can be easy to fall into overwhelm when there is so much to do and everyone feels so disconnected. I, for one, have been making adjustments to learn and grow my internet content pipeline to make more moments to share with you. This is not my preferred method, I miss being with the HedgeCrew in person, able to help with selecting and fitting to each friend. I take comfort in the honor of being carried and kept in your lives; from the bottle on your bedside table to the beanie you gave to someone you love- I know you’re trusting me, thank you. Your enthusiasm has kept me going and innovating in immeasurable ways.

Yes, we are a product based small business, but above all, Hedgemade Goods Co. is a shop built on handmade traditions and expanding communities, and it couldn’t happen without you. Thank you for coming along on this journey and shopping with small businesses whenever possible or as said at the Renaissance Faire, Gramercy!

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