About The Maker


Michaela "Kaela" Jerabek

Through a vast forest of redwood trees, over poppy-covered hills that linger among a winding highway that skims the California coast up through vistas of forests, wild rocky beaches, and snow capped mountains of Oregon. These are places where Kaela draws her inspiration and where she sources ingredients for Hedgemade Goods. 

Finding comfort in her ability to infuse positive energy and creative twist on her crafts and art, her passion for creating custom tinctures to help with stress, salves for skin relief, handcrafted candles to brighten any home, and the favorite, slouchy beanies from high-quality yarn for her friends and family started as a hobby. Kaela has always dedicated herself to improving and adapting to the needs of her clients. As she develops her next recipes with thoughtful and meticulous precision you are invited to join this journey

Hedgemade Goods is a rally-cry used to achieve the goal of creating products that anyone would be proud of. Products that can ease pain, bring comfort, and improve lives. 


Weather you are here for a new pendulum, hair adornments, or other ways to magnify comfort in times of need; Hedgemade Goods is committed to providing you with unique and ethically sourced products and positive experiences. The key for wellness, is to always be improving and working towards a better you. A self that isn’t afraid to face the world. One that can ascend to any challenge with confidence and an unwavering peace of mind. 

The pathway to a better self with the essentials to wellness, lie in our ability to enhance our senses, to conquer our anxieties, to surround ourselves with positive changes we can wrap around us in comfort to work through times where we need to focus on ourselves and the ones we love. When we do so, we can overcome many challenges in life. We hope you find the happiness and comfort you are searching for here.


Thank you! 

Hedgemade Goods

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