Meet  the Maker of Hedgemade Goods Co.

Hedgemade Goods Co. is a handcrafted based small business specializing in luxury one-of-a-kind handmade organic products from home goods, bath and shower, skincare, hand distilled essential oils, handcrafted body products, Malabrigo wool wares to commission artwork.

Hedgemade Goods Co. is a ethically sourced, sustainably crafted products company that specializes in hand poured natural candles, bath and shower products, organic herbal blends, organically crafted skin lotions, salves, butters, balms and essential oil creations. Founded in 2018 by then healthcare coordinator Michaela Jerabek as a creative outlet and has become a proud small business based out of Portland, OR. 
Through a vast forest of redwood trees, over poppy-covered hills that linger among a winding highway that skims the California coast up through vistas of forests, wild rocky beaches, and snow capped mountains of Oregon is the inspiration for Hedgemade Goods Co. To find balance and healthy solutions all around us.
At its core Hedgemade Goods Co., is inspired by handcrafted traditions derived from a lifetime of study, community and the desire to provide natural, organic, ethically sourced and sustainable products that are accessible to anyone. 


Michaela Jerabek

Owner + Maker