A few happy comments...


Melina M

Hedgemade Goods is absolutely fantastic. I've gotten many of their products and have never been disappointed. My custom hair falls are everything. They have spiced up the particular costume I was aiming for AND I can totally see myself wearing them at a festival or event (calling all Burning Man goers!). About a month ago, I reached out to Kaela requesting to purchase the Goat's Milk Bath and explained that they were going to be gifts. She went above and beyond to package them separately for me. Safe to say they were a hit! Stop reading me ramble about the goodness and make your leap! Clearly, they've got the Goods.


Kristen S

I love the blue antique glass candle and Litha candle! I'm saving the Litha candle for the Solstice, but so far it smells beautiful. The blue jar candle glows so peacefully, and her presentation is spot on. I highly recommend this business for your calm/peace/self-care needs and wants!



I am a BIG tea drinker and prefer to buy loose, but where I live it's really difficult to find somewhere that sells it that way without all the additives. After a friend referred me to Hedgemade Goods I was so excited to see that I could, not only get delicious teas (Brews) loose, but that I didn't need to do 3 days of research to know that it is natural and safe. I am so thankful for this resource since I live in a BIG city with little options for healthy and natural products easily available. Ordered a slouchy beanie as well, Perfect! Ordering more now!


Janine C

I love hedgemade goods!
Amazing quality products, fast shipping, wonderful customer service and

affordable prices!

I love their candles! They burn evenly and last a long time. The teas they create are so delicious! And the bath products are fantastic! Oooo and the hair adornments are fun and very well made!

Thank you so much hedgemade goods for the wonderful, quality products you create! I am only buying your candles from now on!❤️



The lavender spray is what I use every evening in the summer to keep from being eaten alive by mosquito's. Some might use it as a lovely perfume, but this works against mosquito's better than anything you might get at the pharmacy.



I wasn’t going to buy hairfalls because I didn’t think I’d wear them out often enough. When I saw a set that would go great with my ren-faire outfit (from ‘tickle’, duh) I was really tempted, but I don’t go to faire often enough, I decided.


As I was doing a ritual one day, I thought to myself, I’d really love to have those hairfalls for *this* moment. Not for a cosplay, or for faire, but for part of my ritual attire. I think hairfalls let you express so much more with your hair in color, braiding, and adding accessories (without wearing fake or human hair extensions, or dye colorants.)

Hairfalls give you the power to express yourself in a really fun and expressive way, and if you think you’d enjoy them, I encourage you to listen to that instinct. 



Found Hedge on Instagram and was interested to see if this was legit or just another scam. NOT a scam at all! Kaela is so kind and understanding! Truly the best customer service I have ever had. Thank you for being open to my questions. Looking forward to the winter equinox candles!



Welcome to Portland and thank you for your amazing candles!

When looking for something that I would use with my spiritual practice I have always had a hard time finding someone that really puts the research in. Hedgemade Goods is my go to for all my Sabbets.

Packaging was perfect and everything arrived in one piece. It even came with a hand written note welcoming me to the Hedge Crew. Quick shipping, can't complain! Thank you!



I texted Kaela “I know these are supposed to go in the shower but I’m using them in the bath!” in my usual defiance of authority while hopping into the tub. What’s she gonna do about it? As the melt dissolved into my bath I waited for her to call me and tell me to stop, but she can’t stop me now! Well, she texted me back and told me it’s fine, and they work great in a footbath too. I like that they wake you up and make you feel super fresh. 



HG beanies are snug and warm, never itchy and never falling off your head. She makes them with really high quality yarn (since wearing her crochet works, I’ve taken to using this yarn for my own craft projects because it’s really good!) The colors are always vibrant but are earthen enough not to clash with other natural tones in my wardrobe.



By far the BEST candles I have ever purchased. I am obsessed with candles of all types and I have been a loyal patron of Hedgemade Goods since the beginning. Finding something that is local, good quality, natural and finding Beeswax that is ethically sourced is a hard find. I am also a huge brew lover, the Witches Brew is my go to for those mid-afternoons and weekend relaxation. Customer service is perfect and shipping was super fast! Thank you Hedgemade! XOXO



Just what I was looking for and for a VERY affordable price. I only ordered custom orders of bath tabs, beanies, some stocking sachet bags and added in a bunch of candles for the holidays!


Getting ready to place another order in advance before it gets busy this season and am so thankful to have found a small business that truly puts the work in and it shows. Thank you and I can't wait to get my ordering on!